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A lot of death has occurred due the Wild animal attack. Elephant attack incident is the one that occurs in most of the coffee estates. Many of them protested against it but some of them succeeded and some didn’t. Well, M Sanketh Poovaiah, Social Worker in Kodagu has helped a lot of family who has been under wild animal attack. He has made strong protest about the wild animal attackagainst the forest department.

One such incident hadtaken place in Virajpet Taluk – Vadarajadu,due to elephant attack. A 37 year old named Cheluva had been a worker in a Vadarajadu coffee plantation. Like always, he used to do his normal work in the coffee plantation. Unfortunately on that day he was under Elephant attack, he tried his max to escape but ferocious elephant didn’t let go of him. It attacked and killed him brutally. Hearing this incident, M Sanketh Poovaiah departed to Cheluva’s family in Virajpet Taluk – Vadarajadu and condolenced them. He also gave Rs 10,000 on his behalf to Cheluva’s family and later fought to the government against about incident. He also demanded the government to give Rs 10 Lakhs to the family and also a government job for a member in Cheluva’s family as a solution.