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M Sanketh Poovaiah is one of the social worker in Kodagu. He has helped the poorwho are in need by providing food, shelter, clothes and education.Being a social worker is not that easy, it is a challenging one. Receiving a lotmedia attention occasionally, but if things go little wrong it might cause anegative impact.

Some of his works are:

1) In DYSP Ganapathi suicide case, K J George was themain victim. M Sanketh Poovaiah, social worker sent a letter to the StateGovernor through the help of Kodagu DC against K J George. The letter containsto oppose K J George entering the cabinet.

2) In the birthplace of Cauvery, Kodagu the people residing in those places no oneopposed to case of Cauvery. But only M Sanketh Poovaiah, social worker opposedit and the media made a report about it.

3) He made a strong protest against forest department about the wild animal attack. The media seeing the protest, they were happy about his work and all themedia thanked him as a token of appreciation.